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Carbures Joins Madrid Stock Exchange


Greenville, SC (March 27, 2012) – Carbures joined the Madrid Stock Exchange (MAB). Carbures Europe President Carlos Guillen and Carbures Europe CEO Rafael Contreras participated in the traditional ringing of the bell at noon Friday, March 23, 2012, as their company was the first carbon fiber manufacturer added to the Spanish exchange, which is similar to the NASDAQ exchange in U.S.

An engineering and manufacturing company specializing in composites and carbon fiber, Carbures has a U.S. presence in Greenville’s South Carolina Technology & Aviation Center and is part of the state’s growing aviation cluster.

Analysts project that carbon fiber will be an interesting asset for investors because of the high growth potential in a number of industries, including aerospace, automotive, naval and construction sectors.

According to company officials, Carbures has joined the Alternative Investment Market (MAB) in the high technology segment. Trading as CAR, the company has publicly offered 2 million shares, at an initial price of 1.08 euros per share.

With its global vision, Carbures recently initiated operations in South Carolina and China to become the only Tier 2 manufacturer with a presence in the three major aerospace markets of China, U.S. and Europe. By joining the MAB, Carbures continues to position itself as a leader in innovation, technology and talent.

Carbures is represented by KPMG Advisors, Bankia Exchange and Quantum Communications in connection with its addition to the MAB.

About Carbures

Carbures is an international technology company with headquarters in Spain and the U.S. with a clear vision emerging from the fusion of its predecessors, Easy Industrial Solutions and Atlantica Composites. The company’s highly-qualified technicians and engineers manage and implement R & D in the aeronautics, automotive and civil construction sectors. Carbures designs and develops products, materials, and composites and provides comprehensive related services to meet the demands of industry through a proprietary process technology utilizing carbon fiber to create structures that are lighter, stronger and more durable. In addition, the company manufactures and supplies composite parts for the major European manufacturers Airbus and Airbus Military.

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