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TenCate Composite Products

Proper roadway installation is critical to the life of the road. With TenCate composite products, road life can be extended significantly. To demonstrate the correct way to install TenCate road products, Shafer Huguley created a series of how-to videos, both…

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TenCate Carbon Footprint Calculator

In response to the increasing awareness of the positive environmental aspects of geosynthetics and geosystems, TenCate Geosynthetics – business unit Water & Environment – developed the TenCate Geotube® carbon footprint calculator for use with dewatering and breakwater applications. This CO2…

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FinTrust – Dave Lewis

To better communicate the many important topics for consideration when working with a financial services firm, Shafer Huguley has created a series of informative videos utilizing FINTRUST employees. This one, delivered by David Lewis (Chief Financial Officer), is on the topic…

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TenCate Geotube GC1200

Containment technology reaches new heights with the TenCate Geotube GC1200 engineered composite series. In our latest video, water is the focus, as we demonstrate shoreline protection, beach rebuilding and land reclamation. This exciting video highlights the effectiveness via superior design.…

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One of the most watched sporting events of the year is the the Tour de’ France. The world is captivated every July when the world’s greatest cyclists take to the French countryside. Td’F 2016 was no exception and our client TREK…

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General Air Birds

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No…it’s a…yea, it’s a bird. Actually, a bunch of birds. All perched on a telephone wire chirping away. BIG…RED…G. At lease until a large service truck startles them. Yes, a big white truck with…

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Operation Dallas

Our concept is a simple one. We identify, through existing case management channels or local church contacts, those families with the most critical unmet needs. We then lock arms with that family to conduct the needs assessment, fund raising, mission…

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